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Send me an email that has as subject the item you want and give me your address and how you would like to pay. Then i will send you an email back with the shipment price and my data, then i will make sure you will get your stuff as soon as possible. The items will be shipped as soon as i received your money. SJRI_athotmaildotcom.

zondag 5 september 2010

leather studded jacket size 12

    h&m divided exclusives leather studded jacket
size: 12
price: 80,00

woensdag 1 september 2010

leopard print body

velours leopard print body
price: 15,00

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

Diy chanel bag

Diy white chanel bag
Some of you saw me make it in this post.
The marker is coming off but maybe with some spray or something.
I never wore it out.
price: 10

vintage amazing sunglasses

 Polaroid vintage gorgeous sunglasses
Orginal vintage kept as new, i am very careful with my stuff and this is one of the prettiest things i have so it won't go for nothing.
price: 40

vintage sunglasses

Polaroid vintage sunglasses.
originial vintage kept in best state! One of a kind.

vintage sunglasses

Polaroid vintage sunglasses.
As you can see it has been kept as new and is one of a kind and never to get again!
People who know vintage and the brand polaroid know it's worth it.
price: 20 

large cross hanger

 large faux solid silver cross hanger
price: 10